“Happy News. Math 710. Reading 710 … Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You rock!Puts her 94th percentile in math. Wow.
– Monica A., Ursuline Parent, SAT and Business Calculus, June 2015-2016

“Sue gets results! Excellent, personalized services for tutoring in math – SAT, ACT, and ISEE.”
– Monica A., Jesuit Parent, ISEE, December 2015

“Sue helped me so much with multivariable calculus. When I called her, I had a D average on my tests, but after a few sessions my next test was a B+, then an A-. She improved my work by a milestone and allowed me to recover my grade in the class!”
– Kristen H., SMU student, Calculus III, June 2015

“Sue, Thank you for giving Katie back her confidence! You are the BEST!
– Jill C., HPISD Parent, Pre-Calculus, 2014-2015

“My son saw a great improvement in his math scores on both the ACT and SAT. After only 2 months of weekly sessions his confidence and skills improved and he moved up to the 99 percentile on the ACT math section. The lessons were very well organized and explained thoroughly. Great experience for my son!”
– Angelique L., Jesuit Parent, Spring 2014

Ever since we have started meeting I have had nothing but grades in the A range!”
– Greenhill Student, Pre-Calculus and Calculus, 2013-2015

“I wanted to let you know he got a perfect score + bonuses on Pre-Cal test. Thank you!!!!!! We are lucky to have found you. It is nice to see him feel confident in math!”
– Greenhill Parent, 2013-2015

“I like the small group size and appreciate Sue’s simple teaching style which makes complex problems simpler.”
– Mirranda A., Richland College Student, SAT and College Algebra, 2013-2014

“I like that Sue helps me with everything and that I understand the process. Sue is awesome, smart and loves to help me.”
– Lauren A., Algebra, 2013

“My son enjoys his lessons and he feels more confident of doing well in his ACT. Sue has shown a lot of care and concern for him which I am grateful for. She is also prompt in communicating with us, the parents.”
– Linda W., Wylie ISD Parent, 2013

“Sue has been unbelievably helpful to me. At every session Sue is more than prepared and is able to answer every question I have. She helped me earn scores in the 90’s on all my exams. I would not have been able to understand and grasp the material without Sue’s help. Thank you Sue!!”
– Mary H., SMU Junior, Calculus and Statistics, 2012-2013

“I really like Sue’s ability to explain concepts in an effective and understandable manner. Sue really has a dynamic and charismatic personality, she makes learning enjoyable and exciting. I was spending many endless nights trying to understand math homework, now thanks to Sue’s help I am able to finish homework in a reasonable amount of time. I wish I would have had her tutoring expertise in other math classes and save myself the agony of ineffective studying. For the first time in my life I finally am understanding Math. Sue is able to teach and explain concepts in an intuitive manner. Sue’s ability to decipher and translate math concepts is truly unparalleled to any other previous instructors.”
– Roxana D. L., Arizona State University Senior, Statistics, Fall 2012

“I asked Sue to mentor me while I was taking Partial Differential Equations (PDE) in the master’s program at SMU. I can not emphasize how much HELP she was in this course! I was getting so far behind until I found her number, then it only took a few sessions until I was on track again. I asked her to help me throughout the rest of the semester, and I ended up doing great in the course. Not only does she help you pass the course, she helps you understand what’s going on. I would without a doubt recommend her as a mentor!”
– Whitney D., SMU Graduate Student, Partial Differential Equations, Fall 2009

“Hi, Sue. You are absolutely the best! You have a very inviting and warm personality, which indicates that you are truly interested in helping your students. You are very passionate about your work and it shows. You are flexible and willing to do what it takes to get your students to see the beauty in mathematics. I am so grateful that you were able to help my sister with her classes.”
– Alicia B., SMU, Pre-Calculus, Spring 2006

“I am an Electrical Engineering major at Texas A&M University. I received 8 hours of tutoring from Sue for my Statistics 211 final. I had done horribly on my first two exams and was concerned about failing the class. Two weeks before the final I asked Sue to help me. We met for a couple sessions over a couple of days. Together we went through my previous exams and other practice exams my professor had provided. We went through each problem and after she explained the problem, she expanded on the concept and even gave other examples. When I took my final I was excited to know that I actually understood concepts on the exam! I came out of the class with a C and was grateful for Sue’s help in preparation for my final.”
– Ashley B., Texas A&M University Senior, Statistics, Spring 2005

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