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The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth. 

When should you get a tutor?
Often, parents tell me how they wish they found me sooner and they regretted not to get their kids math tutoring a few years back.
Here are a few signs that may help you identify when to hire a tutor for your child:
  • If your child is spending more time than usual on math homework and still can’t finish by dinner time for at least one week.
  • If your child’s recent quiz or test score has dropped below 90, not on one occasion, but twice in a row or two to three times during one semester.
  • If your child’s classroom teacher is concerned about his/her math performance.

Do not wait to get your child the math help that he/she needs. Math skill is built upon building blocks. Any weakness or lack of understanding of any early math concept will affect the student’s performance later on.

A New SAT Aims to Realign With Schoolwork
See how the new changes on SAT will affect your kid’s chances to get into the college that he/she wants.

60 Minutes: Journey Through History with David McCullough
An American author, narrator, historian, lecturer, a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States’ highest civilian award
David McCullough commented near the end of the 60 Minutes’ interview, “I don’t feel any professional teacher should major in education. They should major in a subject, know something. The best teachers are those who have the gift, and the energy, and the enthusiasm to convey their love for science, or history, or Shakespeare, or whatever it is. Show them what you love is the old adage. And we’ve all had them where they can change your life, they can electrify the morning when you come in the classroom.”

In California, Early Push for College Diversity
Read how students from disadvantaged backgrounds get into universities after receiving 3 years of considerable help on weekends, after school, and over the summers.

No Rich Child Left Behind
“High-income families are increasingly focusing their resources — their money, time and knowledge of what it takes to be successful in school — on their children’s cognitive development and educational success. They are doing this because educational success is much more important than it used to be, even for the rich.”

SO CAN YOU!! Regardless of income level, if you are committed in investing in your child’s education, thus his/her future, you can achieve that, too, if not more!

Amazing Career Advice For College Grads From LinkedIn’s Billionaire Founder
For anyone seeking career advice, whether you just graduated from college or will graduate soon, this article gives some great pointers that I wish I had when I was out of college.

Early spatial reasoning predicts later creativity and innovation, especially in STEM fields

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